THS Linclin

THS Linclin is a world-class healthcare linen management and laundry services company with extensive working experience of more than 12 years in Delhi/NCR hospitals.
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Our Promises

Patient first all the time

Quality & compliance at all costs

Clean & sterile linen guaranteed

Automated inventory tracking – 24×7

Hospital Associated Infections
The Present Scenario

Hospital linen are integral part of healthcare facilities; therefore, it is important that they do not act as a vehicle for transfer of pathogens, micro-organisms and infections to patients, visitors & hospital workers. It is crucial that the hospital linens are disinfected thoroughly during the laundering process.

Embracing Automation Through Industrial-grade Hospital Laundry Management Services

Healthcare institutes are obligated to take all necessary measures to prevent or limit the spread of healthcare associated infections. One of the possible vehicles of transmission is inanimate fomites such as linen. Therefore, an impactful & optimized laundering process is crucial.

Why Automation of Laundry Process is Important

To reduce operating costs.

To improve operational efficiency.

To track linen inventory from anywhere.

To estimate stock inventory.

Disinfection of Linen With Pre-Built Wash Programs


Linclin’s new age laundering process ensures trackable, spick & span hospital linens. We are professionals in healthcare linen and laundry industry. Whether you are a large hospital or a medium sized practice, our professional laundry services handle each assignment with care, because for us, patient’s health is of utmost importance.

  • 01

    Wash only

  • 02

    Wash + Hire

  • 03

    Wash + Hire + Sterilisations services of OT linens

Complete Linen & Laundry Management Services Under One Roof

  • International Chemical Consultant

    We use imported industrial-grade laundering machineries. And chemicals. We have international chemical consultant & partner in achieving the desired disinfection of different types of soiled linen.

  • Other Key Features

    1. Hygienic laundry environment as per European standards.
    2. NABH/RABC (Risk Analysis & Bio contamination control) norms.
    3. Air and water pollution control licenses.
    4. Staff friendly.

Our Environment-Friendly Laundering Process


As part of Linclin’s world-class automated linen disinfecting process, different types of soiled linens undergo a complete cycle of controlled temperature and appropriate dosage of chemicals as per standard wash programs. We follow the international RABC-approved service standards to deliver infection-free linens to network hospitals.

Our Clients